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Founder And Executive Director: Toniko Manning Brown

December 30, 2015

Little Beautiful Minds is a creation of Toniko Manning Brown. It was founded by her because she saw a need for a high quality childcare facility that could see to the needs of families in her area. Today, it is the largest and most successful privately owned childcare facility in the Greater New Orleans area. This has been her passion for years now, she is fulfilled by the work she does. Her experience in the childcare industry has allowed her to make Little Beautiful Minds a leader in the industry in the area.

Toniko Manning Brown has spent much of her career working in childcare. She is a veteran of the industry and has shown that she understands what it takes to create a successful childcare facility. The facilities that she has created are clean, well organized, and they always encourage the efficient education of her pupils. This is why Little Beautiful Minds has experienced such incredible growth that it has repeatedly been moved, including most recently to the location of a former Celebration Station. This new location is at 5959 Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie, Louisiana. This location is much more spacious, allowing for the growth that Little Beautiful Minds is sure to continue experiencing. There are a number of families in the area who have put every child into Little Beautiful Minds because they have seen how great their services are.